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The Evros coastline

The coastline that stretches from Mesimvria to Makri is a magnificently blue strip of pristine waters teamed with beautiful sandy and pebbly beaches. Originally a fishing village, Makri lies on the south part of the region, a 10-minute drive from Alex/poli and attracts both locals and tourists. You’ll have the chance to swim in emerald waters, relax on sandy beaches and eat delicious food in the village’s restaurants especially if you like fish.
Another excellent beach, 10 km west of Alex/poli, is Ag. Paraskeyi named after the nearby chapel.A local favorite that gets really busy in the summer months.

If you only have time for one trip when visiting the region of Evros, make sure you make it to the island of Samothrace. The atmospheric wilderness of Mount Feggari, the breath-taking waterfalls and crystal-clear lagoons teamed up with a dramatic coastline, part of it accessible only by boat, make this an island of unique beauty that will be hard to leave behind.

One of the most beautiful car-accessible beaches is’’ Pachia Ammos’’ whose name mean ‘thick sand’ and is indeed a treat of silky white sand comparable to the Cyclades beaches. Another fantastic beach is in Kipi, on the southeast edge of the island, with dark grey pebbles and a dramatic, almost volcanic landscape, this is a beach from another world. Make sure you get there for one of the most fabulous sunsets you’ll ever see. The beach at Fonia’s Tower is equally beautiful.

The most spectacular beaches though are those that you get there by boat. Vatos beach, the first stop on the boat tour, is the most beautiful, while the rest are perfect for spear-fishing but not as pretty.